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GPTC operates 11 routes in Northwest Indiana. Five of these comprise our Local Network – routes that operate completely within the City of Gary limits. The other six Regional Network routes reach Calumet Township, Crown Point, East Chicago, Griffith, Hammond, Hobart and Merrillville.

Our number one priority

is getting you where you have to go, be it work, school, errands or for pleasure. We are also a convenient way to connect with PACE, East Chicago Transit, CTA and the South Shore.
Click the button below to view a downloadable version of our Regional Transit Guide, with route maps and info for GPTC, East Chicago Transit and North Township Dial-A-Ride.

Regional Transit Guide

Interactive System Map

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Use GPTC's Interactive System Map to:
Zoom in on your destination and how close transit can get you
Get information on your bus routes like neighborhoods, frequency
Get information on service issues like detours and construction

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Fares - Local

Adult $1.60
Seniors, Disabled, Medicare $0.80
Student $1.25
Paratransit $2.50
Transfer Local to Local FREE

Fares - Regional

Adult $2.25
Seniors, Disabled, Medicare $1.00
Student $1.75
Paratransit $4.00

Transfers Local to Regional

Adult $0.65
Seniors, Disabled, Medicare $0.20
Student $0.50
Paratransit n/a

Fare Cards

Adult 30 Day $50*
Adult 15 Day $27*
Student 30 Day $35
ADA 20 Ride Local $50
ADA 12 Ride Regional $48
*Add $3 for mail order purchases

Routes & Schedules

The time points on our schedules will tell you when your bus will be at your stop. GPTC makes every effort to operate on schedule, so be sure you are at your stop a couple minutes early. Watches and clocks seldom agree, and a minute or so may make all the difference.

Detailed route maps with schedules are available below. Delays and service disruptions take place on occasion and are listed on the home page. If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Information Line at (219) 980-7566 or send a message to our Facebook feed (GaryTransit). We will be glad to help.

A Better Schedule

Enjoy a better bus schedule, providing more service with fewer transfers for Northwest Indiana.

The R2 U.S. 30 Shuttle

Hourly service is now permanent on Weekdays and Saturdays to provide more frequent trips where you need it most.

Broadway Metro Express (Bmx)

Adds 3 more stops running every 30 minutes

Lake County Government Building - Adam Benjamin Jr. VA Outpatient Clinic - Purdue Research Park/Ivy Tech Campus

With the new schedule, it is now just one trip from Gary to Crown Point and from Crown Point to the South Shore Line, and the R6 (Ivy Tech/South Broadway Shuttle) will be suspended as a separate route. Trips on the Bmx will increase to every 20 minutes as ridership grows.

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Broadway Metro Express Map

How to Purchase Bus Fares

Fixed Route Bus Passes Are Available At:

  • Adam Benjamin Metro Center
    100 W. 4th Avenue, Gary, IN 46402
  • North Township Hammond Office
    5947 Hohman Avenue, Hammond, IN 46320
  • Wicker Park
    8554 Indianapolis Blvd, Highland, IN 46322

Transfers/Pass Cards

If you need to change buses to get to your destination, please ask the driver for a transfer when you board the bus as you pay your fare. The driver will give you a ticket which you must give to the driver of the next bus.
Your transfer allows you 2 additional rides AFTER you pay your original fare (a total of three rides). Be aware of the expiration time on your transfer pass because they are only valid for 2 hours after you receive it. If your transfer expires due to a late bus, be prepared to alert the driver.

Also, do not fold or bend your transfer or bus pass, or allow the card to become wet. This may make it unreadable to GPTC’s fareboxes.
Pass holders do not need transfers. As always, GPTC’s bus operators are able to answer any questions about the use of these cards.

Tips for Riders

We want you to ride safely and comfortably. Please take a moment to read through our tips when using GPTC buses. Rely on us to get you where you need to go efficiently and conveniently.

Getting On and Off The Bus:

Please have exact fare ready when boarding the bus. Our drivers carry no change or tokens. When you wish to get off, let the driver know by pressing the button near the window two-thirds of a block before your stop. This gives the driver plenty of time to pull over and let you off. Please remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop. Exit from the rear of the bus whenever possible, as new riders will be entering the front door.

Flagging The Bus:

Almost every corner along the route is a bus stop, people standing at a corner may not be waiting for the bus. The driver can only be sure you are a bus rider if you wave at him as he approaches. Flagging eliminates unnecessary stops and guarantees you faster, more efficient bus service. So wave, ride and enjoy!

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