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GPTC Custom Bus Wrappings

You have a captive audience throughout Gary and the surrounding areas with GPTC bus advertising! Transit provides HIGH VISIBILITY and act as a traveling billboard. They will build your brand awareness when folks see your name again and again. You have a variety of interior and exterior sign options including a full exterior bus wrap.

GPTC has advertising space available on its fleet of 40-foot and 35-foot buses and paratransit vehicles with rates to fit any advertising budget. Advertising space is also available in our new bus shelters.

For more information about bus advertising, please contact Fuel Media at 219.472.9877. Click below to view their Media Kit.

Media Inquiries

GPTC wants to respond promptly and completely to news media inquiries with accurate information.
Media Inquiries

If you are a member of the news media and have an inquiry concerning any of our programs and services or for filming requests, please contact :
David W. Wright
Planning and Marketing Manager
(219) 885-7555 Ext. 204

All media inquiries must go through the General Manager's office first, even if you wish to speak to a GPTC employee about agency business, programs or services.

If you are a reporter or news media representative and need to contact a GPTC spokesperson after hours or on weekends, please call our information number (219) 884-6100 ext 104 to be connected to the appropriate person. For non-media issues, please call the same number.

Public Relations


All requests for interviews with GPTC employees should be made to the General Manager's office, (219) 885-7555 x204. We will try to provide a representative who can best address the topic of the interview.

While on GPTC Property

GPTC Property

If you want to film, photograph, or interview customers on GPTC property, we encourage you to make your request through the General Manager's office, (219) 885-7555. When filming (live or taped), taking a still photograph, or conducting interviews while on GPTC property, please allow our customers to enter/leave buses or the surrounding areas without obstruction. Please do not block or restrict the movement of GPTC customers.

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