Cycle219 Bike Share for Active Transportation and Micromobility

GPTC Cycle 219

Get ready to ride! The GPTC Cycle 219 BikeShare program is ready to launch!!

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A healthy alternative to driving, we are excited to help you get around - using human-power.

Cycle219 Bike Share offers bikes from Priority Bicycles and features adjustable seats to fit people of any height, a basket, a bell, and front and rear lights.

With many bikes and bike share stations throughout Northwest Indiana, you can bike directly to your destination or as a part of your journey after riding GPTC or parking your car.

Cycle219 Bike Share Pricing

$1.50 per 30 minutes

$25.00 Annual Pass for Unlimited 30-minute Trips

Bike Pickup / Dropoff Locations


Download AppDownload APP

(Turn Bluetooth ON and WI-FI OFF)

Apple App Download

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Create accountCreate Account

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Scan Scan QR Code
Scan QR Code on the bike with the app. The lock will open automatically and you can start riding immediately.

Ride your Bike Ride Your Bike
Enjoy your ride. Good job! While you move around, you work on your conditioning and health.

Pause Your Ride Pause Your Ride (optional)
When you close the lock outside the parking zone, your ride will be automatically paused. After your pause, you will be the only one who can reopen the bike.

Park Your Bike Park Your Bike
Park your bike in the parking zone and close the lock.

BEFORE Riding a Bike, Know the Rules

  • There are no integrated locks for users on the bikes; if the bike is unattended for a brief time, personal locks are recommended.
  • Riders can return bikes to any station in the system that has an open dock.
  • Bikes must be docked in a station to end your trip and stop fees.
  • A user’s trip is “closed” only after docking the bike firmly into a station.
  • Riders can check out a bike immediately after returning a bike.

NEED HELP? Call 219.885.7555 or Email

This bike share program gets to our core mission: mobility.

The effort reduces first- and last-mile barriers to transit while improving the quality of life for residents who can now choose to go biking for both necessity and for leisure,” stated Denise Comer Dillard, GPTC’s interim general manager. “In a time when transit seems to be facing challenges, I am proud that GPTC is keeping the initiative to expand and thinking ahead to provide more choices in getting to the great destinations we have in Gary and NWI."

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