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The very first and very last stop for all of GPTC routes is the Operations facility located at 2101 West 35th Avenue.

Regional Routes

Rte 12 – Lakeshore Connection
Rte 17 – Broadway Express to 93rd Ave

Rte 18 – Broadway/61st Ave to Methodist Hosp

Rte 20 – U.S. 30 Shuttle

Rte 23 – Burr Street and Lake Ridge

Rte 24 – Lakeshore South

Gary Routes

Rte 6 – E. 35th Ave/Marshalltown
Rte 13 – Oak & County Line Road

Rte 19 – W. 6th Ave Tolleston

Rte 21 – University Park

Rte 22 – Horace Mann/Village via Taft Street


GPTC’s new route structure is being updated for ease of trip-planning for existing and prospective riders.





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